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Mercury Monday was Yesterday

The Messenger space probe sent back this image of the inner planet yesterday, as it flew a few hundred miles above the surface. (This image is from a few thousand miles out, after the flyby.) Most of the planet we … Continue reading

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Taking a Shine to Rings, Moons, and a Planet

The contrast of moon and planet in the Saturn system has been noted here many times. Above is a relatively recent image from Cassini (June ’08), and the B&W (actually the image is in green light) is striking. Last week, … Continue reading

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PCS 35-37: Clergy and Catechesis

In the last post we read about the duties and responsibilities of the laity. What about the clergy? 35 Priests, particularly pastors and the others mentioned in no. 16, should remember that it is their duty to care for the … Continue reading

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