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Space Carnival #74

The Kentucky Space web page is hosting this week’s carnival. Lots of interesting links, including the use of dogs as companions for humans on long space journeys, a lengthy link to some long-lost Mars missions proposed in the 80’s, plus … Continue reading

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Biblical Catechesis Needed

A blogging catechist takes a shot: Historical-Critical methodology has been adopted as the sole prism through which to explain and teach Scripture – the Church, as usual, about 100 years behind the Protestants. Well … I think–I hope–this isn’t specifically … Continue reading

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One Scary Piece of Pork

I know, I know … I wasn’t going to blog on politics until November 5th. But I heard Senator McCain’s gaffe while I was puttering on the computer during Tuesday’s debates. Even without knowing the funding request was denied, I … Continue reading

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PCS 40-41: The Minister Adapts

How may the minister adapt? The conclusion of this introductory section of PCS suggests a practical approach: consider the needs of the ill person, and utilize options to make the liturgy work better for the sick, the loved ones, and … Continue reading

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