A new addition to the blogroll: Hermano Juancito, a blog run by a ministry colleague, John Donaghy.

Until summer 2007, John was on staff at my new parish for twenty-four years. We were chatting today that has to be a single-parish record for a lay man, or for a campus minister, let alone both. We were also brainstorming on ways in which liturgy and spiritual growth ministries at our campus parish can effectively and fruitfully interface with John’s mission effort in Honduras. We thought we should ponder aspects of mission support beyond the usual concerns of building infrastructure, working mission trips, and the occasional exchange of pastors.

Here’s what we came up with, and if any readers have other good ideas to add, use the comment boxes, please.

Cultural exchanges of art and music: bartering music and art between our parish and the communities of Santa Rosa de Copán.

Praying for our communities at Sunday Mass, at least once a month.

The inclusion of their diocesan patron, Saint Rose of Lima, when we pray the litany of the saints.

Send music, images, and video of our liturgies and sacramental celebrations.

Work for grants on behalf of our Honduran friends.

John mentioned that the catechists of the area have a day-and-a-half-long workshop every month or two. I found that amazing. He said they each pay $1.50US, plus another dollar for meals. The turnout is always good. They must be doing good work on that in southwest Honduras. If only, my friend said, they put together a workshop for singers and musicians.

In the realm of liturgy and spirituality, what would you add?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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  1. kiwinomad06 says:

    A local woman is working in a mission in Papua New Guinea. She asked parishioners for donations last year for a specific project- to help with course costs for young men in prison to complete primary and secondary education. This year she is asking for donations towards extending high school education for girls in the area. I don’t go to church often myself, but have read of these projects in the church newsletter, and feel moved to respond to these very specific requests.

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