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PCS 46: Visits to the Sick

A brief paragraph: Those who visit the sick should help them to pray, sharing with them the word of God proclaimed in the assembly from which their sickness has separated them. As the occasion permits, prayer drawn from the psalms … Continue reading

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For the first time in my life or ministry, I’m associated with a parish under the patronage of a doctor of the Church. My graduate school is my only other doctor/patron/community. All the talk earlier today about Cardinal Newman being named a … Continue reading

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Doctor Newman, I Presume?

The headline of the Zenit story caught my eye. Father Ian Ker, interviewee, the good: Newman is more than simply a very learned and clever thinker. Indeed, it has been said that he took over where St Bernard left off. … Continue reading

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PCS 44-45: Role of the Clergy

Section 44 goes into a bit of detail on the role and ministry of the priesthood. First and most obviously, sacramental catechesis is their responsibility: 44.Priests have the special task of preparing the sick to celebrate the sacrament of penance (individually … Continue reading

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Mercury Monday 3

Get up before sunup and look for the solar system’s smallest and innermost planet. I’ve seem Mercury three times: once in transit when its black disk crossed the face of the sun in 1974, once about eight years ago on … Continue reading

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CNS reports more tweaking in the Order of Mass may be ahead. Three options for the final dismissal: — “Ite ad Evangelium Domini annuntiandum” (Go and announce the Gospel of the Lord).   — “Ite in pace, glorificando vita vestra … Continue reading

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PCS 42-43: Caring for the Sick, A Ministry

Thanks for your patience on the interruption of the series on the Pastoral Care of the Sick. Our earlier posts covered the “General Introduction,” the catch-all portion of the rite that gives general principles and some of the reasons why … Continue reading

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Variations in Tan, Yellow, and Gray

Cassini’s imaging systems continue to offer up the glory of God’s creation in the outer solar system. Above is today’s feature image on the Cassini site, the icy moon Rhea in the foreground with Saturn and a near-edge-on view of … Continue reading

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“Mi Chiamo Tommaso D’Aquino”

The parish youth minister and I were responsible for the grade three to eight content of Whole Parish Catechesis today. It was a homily I heard about two months ago that planted the seed on the feast of Pius X. … Continue reading

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Oh, Bother!

Is there something wrong with this picture? Deal Hudson and a good chunk of the IC commentariat think so. Two presidential candidates, especially the pro-choice one, sharing a fine meal, laughs, and after-dinner talk with a Catholic cardinal. Mr Hudson confesses: … Continue reading

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Paul’s Top Ten

I have an ulterior motive for asking what Pauline texts you would put in a top-ten list, more than just an appendage to this week’s all-Bible list. I’m beginning to assemble a thread for my musical/opera based on Saint Paul, … Continue reading

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The Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education has supported Bishop Martino’s rejection of a Catholic teachers’ union in Scranton. Michael Milz, union president said the teachers will appeal. Next stop: Vatican’s Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signatura. Ring a bell? St … Continue reading

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Homily Survey

CNs has a news bit from the synod on preaching satisfaction. Want to guess the two thumbs up, two thumbs down nations? France USA Hong Kong Philippines Take a guess, without peeking if you wish, and post, then tune in … Continue reading

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Money quote from Cardinal DiNardo at the synod: A priest is going to have to understand that even with all his activities during the week, which are important, he probably won’t reach as many people as he does in his … Continue reading

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A new addition to the blogroll: Hermano Juancito, a blog run by a ministry colleague, John Donaghy. Until summer 2007, John was on staff at my new parish for twenty-four years. We were chatting today that has to be a … Continue reading

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