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Snacking on the Word: 1 Peter 4:7-8

It’s not in the Sunday readings this year, nor does it appear in our Isaiah-saturated daily Lectionary, but this passage from Peter’s first letter fits well with the early days of Advent: The end of all things is at hand. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Making An Advent Wreath

We did it this year. For years my new parish had evergreen-decorated candle stands (about eight feet high) and used those with the usual three violet, one rose candle. There was interest in a “real” wreath this year, so after … Continue reading

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PCS 121: Litany of Anointing

This litany begins the liturgy of anointing. The rite offers the option of adapting or shortening if pastoral need is judged: My brothers and sisters, in our prayer of faith let us appeal to God for our brother/sister N. Come and strengthen … Continue reading

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Apple Salad

After Mass yesterday morning, we were off to visit family for the holiday meal. My brother’s mother-in-law, an old family friend and adoptive “grandma” of the young miss, hosted. The main Thanksgiving fare was already spoken for in the food … Continue reading

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PCS 119-120: Liturgy of the Word, Anointing

We continue our survey of the 1983 rite, Pastoral Care of the Sick, covering the Church’s sacramental outreach to those who are seriously ill or dying. Just to give you a heads-up on structure, we have about a dozen more … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2008

It’s a good holiday, today. We name it for a quality of which pretty much everybody can use a little more. I see Zenit has an interview piece up extolling the emotional plusses of gratitude. I like the Scriptural, too. … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Lectionary Cycle

Every missal and missalette publisher contributes their suggestions to the choice of readings for tomorrow’s American holiday. Some priests and liturgists vary from those offerings, and some readings pop up year after year. The Lectionary offers options for Masses of … Continue reading

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