Carnival and … Globes!

I’ve been neglecting the astroblogging community and not posting the carnivals of space. So go here for Carnival #78.

I also found what to ask Santa for Christmas, only they’re not in production yet: globes of the Galilean satellites. These globes look so cool. I like the proposal to make them six to nine inches in diameter, faithful to their relative sizes to one another. Want a Jupiter in that scale? It would be as big as a modest two-story house. I’ll take the moons, set them in my backyard, and pretend the two-story house next door is the king of the planets. Gravel on the ground will be the ring, and one of their windows will be the Great Red Spot.

I got a globe of the moon when I was about ten, and it was great. I set it up on the opposite side of my bedroom from my Earth globe, and lots of imagination resulted.

Future dreamers and globe collectors won’t have an endless number of moons to collect. Some, like Janus, pictured above orbiting just beyond Saturn’s rings, are small and irregular and I imagine they would be too expensive and unpopular to get into production. On the scale of the Galilean satellite globes mentioned in the link, Janus would be a chewed-up piece of gum.

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