Smart on Liturgy, Dumb on Politics

The post-election handwringing is in full swing. A number of posts and comments on the Insight Scoop blog lament that only if the laity were better formed, if only they went to Mass more often, if only the bishops were better teachers, this whole pro-life election fiasco could have been avoided and the Republicans would be returned to office to general cheer and acclamation.

Not everybody thinks the laity are so dumb. And some of them are even in the same camp.

What might a believer’s post-mortem look like? Probably not the blame game. It might be easier to write off bishops–outspoken or apathetic, priests–outspoken or diplomatic, lay people–dumb or best-formed ever, but it’s very hard to write off one’s own strategies and tactics.

If activists start from false suppositions, future efforts will steer them off the road and deeper into the wilderness. Rather than assume every other conservative blogger and bishop is right, why not ask people directly? Even if they’re dumb, they know enough to talk; and if asked politely, they might actually give some insightful answers.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Smart on Liturgy, Dumb on Politics

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  2. Patti says:

    How anyone could have seen this election as a one issue and only one issue voting opportunity is beyond me. We’ve been fighting an unjust war for years, the economy is crumbling and many people will suffer from that (this is no where close to over, folks) and all these folks can think about is abortion. There are lots of other ways to stop abortions; this change has never come from the Executive branch and probably never will.
    Stop trying to legislate the change. making it illegal won’t stop abortions, it will just make them less safe and even more people will die. Work to change the root causes.

  3. Jimmy Mac says:

    I thank those bishops whose threats of eternal damnation of the souls of those who didn’t think that abortion was the raison d’etre of this election. They did more than they can possibly know in getting Obama elected president.

    Keep it up, boys: who have to be good for SOMETHING!…. and pastoral ledership sure is not your strong suit. Maybe wearing expensive suits and french cuffs is.

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