Play Nice

The past few days I’ve noticed vocal doubts expressed (here and there) in the Catholic blogosphere about the sincerity of election victors to play nice. If you ask me, it’s a wait and see kind of thing. By next Spring, we’ll have a good idea if it’s business-as-usual for politicians and their hangers-on, or if President Obama can succeed where few have tried and most have failed. Any advance predictions along these lines sounds like punditry. And hasn’t there been enough of that the past twenty-two months? Let’s breathe easy on it, eh?

I’ve stated a few times this election cycle one thing that has tripped up some Catholics in trying to figure out the Obama vote is that they don’t think like the opposition, and it seems some people don’t really try. I know I’ve read frequently the canard of conservatives/Republicans/orthodox/true believers being nice, moral and upright and liberals/Democrats/heterodox/hypocrites being untrustworthy meanies.

I did note a story counting an uptick in threats against Senator Obama and his family after Governor Palin was named and when her rallies grew aggressive.

It makes me think that ideology or politics know no moral high ground, that long-suffering conservative (or liberal) Catholics are a self-pity party, and the whining and gloating of the next few months will look like 2000, or 1994, or 1980, or 1964, or whenever a butt-whuppin’ is delivered and the survivors are still standing to complain about it.

Meanwhile, in blog news:

– At minimum a weekly post on adoption, probably Sunday night or especially Monday when I’ve had some day-off time to think it over.

– Resurrect my series on American music, with a post soon on David Diamond’s The Enormous Room

Bible posts every other day or so

Anything y’all think I should be blogging about or not blogging about?

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Play Nice

  1. Lee says:

    Given Senator Obama’s track record, I’m not optimistic. But we will see. Maybe he will surprise us.

  2. Fran says:

    I, for one – remain hopeful.

    As for what else you should be blogging about… I am generally pleased and always grateful for what I encounter here, so I think you have us well covered!

  3. crystal says:

    I like reading what you have to say about adoption, astronomy, and the books you’re reading, to name a few things.

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