On The Road Again

Expect light to no blogging over the next few days. The young miss was invited to take part in a study of children with her heart condition. It involves some medical testing at the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, so we’ll be on the road tomorrow through late Tuesday.

It wasn’t the best of times to steal away from the parish for a day or two, but my wife and I were of one mind on this: modern medicine saved our daughter long before we adopted her, and we have a lot for which to be thankful. The young miss consented to the tests, so if there’s any scientific information to be netted by this study to help others, a few hours in the car and a vacation day are a small price to pay.

I’ll add a weekly plug for families to consider adopting a special needs child. You need not be alone in doing this. Hopefully, you have a loving and committed spouse, as I do. There are numerous adoption support groups, many of which are online. There are also many support groups for children with particular conditions, And again, many online contacts are possible. A special needs adoption should be an act that parents and adoptive siblings approach with gravity, seriousness, and with lots of information. Helping to solve a pro-life need is a big plus. This is not just about bishops and clergy flapping their gums about voting and excommunication. It’s also more than just not-voting for politicians and/or legislation. This is serious pro-life work for people who are seriously pro-life, and who don’t just talk the political pro-life schtick to get headlines or draw attention to themselves.

It would be my preference to just live my family life out privately and avoid the unseemly insinuation that I might be more pro-life than Catholic bishops because I’m actually doing something concrete about it. But adopting is a special call the Church has yet to emphasize enough. Pay attention to the kids, not the prelates. I’m happy to receive inquiring e-mails or phone calls from any prospective adoptive parent. I can encourage you or give you a dose of reason–whichever you think you need.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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  1. Lee says:

    I pray all goes well.

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