PCS 101: Anointing With Penance & Eucharist

Anointing of the Sick is but one sacrament for the seriously ill person:

101. If the sick person wishes to celebrate the sacrament of penance, it is preferable that the priest make himself available for this during a previ­ous visit. If it is necessary to celebrate the sacrament of penance during the rite of anointing, it takes the place of the penitential rite. The priest should also arrange for the continued pastoral care of the sick, especially for fre­quent opportunities to receive communion.


This is one of the very few times in which the sacrament of penance may be joined to another rite. If penance is celebrated with anointing, it naturally replaces the penitential rite. The Church does prefer an ongoing priestly presence with the sick of a parish or community. Obviously, this would not be foreseen in the case of a person’s severe injury or a diagnosis of a serious medical condition.

The priest retains responsibility for “frequent” Communion of the sick–not that he has to do it himself, but that he collaborates with his pastoral care ministers, and ensures regular visits. Remember, there were daily visit recommendations during Easter. Minimum presence would be maintaining the Sunday connection. If a sick person were a daily Massgoer, I would think that daily Communion would be a goal for which to strive. How do the pastors manage it?

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