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The Enormous Room

David Diamond’s The Enormous Room played on the car radio as I was driving home. I stayed inside listening after I pulled in the driveway to hear the end. Then I ordered the cd soon after. This was several months … Continue reading

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Prophet, Yea or Nay

I note that Cardinal Stafford’s “apocalyptic” remarks have made the blogosphere rounds, including an apologetics attempt from John Allen at NCR. In one of the more sensible salvos of this discussion, Cathleen Kaveny and her discussion group ponder the nature … Continue reading

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PCS 108-110: Anointing With a Large Congregation

Many Catholics are exposed to this sacrament through anointing that takes place at Mass in their parishes. Do you want to see how these measure up to the provisions of the rite? 108. The rites for anointing outside Mass and … Continue reading

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MRI to Mr Mom

My wife always insists on caution when I post on family matters. She would prefer I write nothing of her or the young miss on this site. And my own tendency to privacy usually reinforces that. But I have received … Continue reading

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Carnival 80

Ethan hosts the 80th Carnival of Space, a veritable feast of astronomy posts. In other news, the Cassini space probe has just completed a 47th encounter with Saturn’s moon Titan. Via Universe Today (see sidebar and visit daily for high-quality … Continue reading

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