MRI to Mr Mom

My wife always insists on caution when I post on family matters. She would prefer I write nothing of her or the young miss on this site. And my own tendency to privacy usually reinforces that. But I have received a few inquiries about our quick trip to KC this past week. So here’s an update.

The children’s hospital where our daughter has been cared for the past six years was testing new MRI equipment and asked if we would consent to participating in a study. The young miss has never had an MRI, so this would give us and her cardiologist a very clear picture of how her three-chambered heart is working.

We drove down after school on Monday. I brought my laptop from the parish to get some work done. But I also planted a bug in Brit’s ear that if she brought a few dvd’s, she might enjoy some backseat entertainment. Her choice of films was interesting: Finding Nemo, which was a favorite of early childhood, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which I thought was pushing it a bit, but I didn’t want to churn up any upset.

My wife tends to give lots of information–she wants to be a totally honest parent. I was worried she had spilled the beans too much on the MRI procedure and was getting our daughter concerned for nothing. This was, after all, a test and a study for medical people and not a procedure initiated by any particular aspect of Brit’s HLHS.

We stayed overnight with my wife’s closest friend. We had some stomach upset from the young miss–surprising since pizza is usually gobbled with gusto–not deposited semi-digested on a guest room floor.

Next morning, we drove through familiar city streets to Children’s Mercy Hospital for our 10:30 appointment. We arrived a customary half-hour early and my wife navigated negotiations with hospital staff expecting payment, insurance billing, and the like.

MRI personnel were taking time getting used to their new equipment, and we cooled our jets for over two hours in the waiting room before they were ready to check proton radiation in the young miss. They gave her a sheet of film choices. This was cool. We were told they have “special” glasses that project the movie visually and ear pieces for the soundtrack. Much improved from my first MRI. They gave me a choice between rock, jazz, or classical, and–silly me–I picked classical. Barely heard it over the BOOM BOOM BOOM of the machinery. I would have been better off with a more modern choice.

Brit got to the part in National Treasure where the heroes and villains meet in Trinity Church, lower Manhattan, and it was all over. Too bad we didn’t bring that disk with us.

We’ve been promised results to view. Looking forward to that. Since then, the week has been a usual ball of stress: catching up after an extra day off, Anita catching a wicked case of the flu from her friend and spending the last four days in bed, and the usual pre-holiday stuff. Which reminds me … time to get back to work on laundry and all. Meanwhile, wife asleep with three cats perched, daughter in bed reading, dog on couch napping. Mr Mom back to work.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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