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The Weigel Verdict: Stupid

Count George Weigel as the latest member of the Bishop Trautman Club. His assessment of Election Day: “tribal” Catholics are stupid. Maybe we’re too stupid to realize that FOCA might well be DOA. This kind of pro-life cred will flush … Continue reading

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“The Beatles Are Just Alright With Me”

The Vatican media organ, L’Osservatore Romano, observed the feast of Saint Cecilia, virgin, martyr, and patron of music by observing that the Beatles are okay with them. I wonder if the favorite John Lennon quote hit home with anybody: Christianity will go. … Continue reading

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PCS 115-116 Introductory Rites for Anointing

 Outside of Mass, anointing of the sick begins with a ritual greeting 115. The priest greets the sick person and others present. One of the greetings in no 81 may be used. A reverent setting for the Eucharist should be … Continue reading

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Snacking on the Word: Tobit 1:6-8

From one of my favorite books, the title character’s description of good Jewish generosity. Not one, but three tithes: I, for my part, would often make the pilgrimage alone to Jerusalem for the festivals, as is prescribed for all Israel … Continue reading

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