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Frozen Embryo Adoption

Still up in the air from Rome, but leaning toward an entirely negative judgment, so they say. A New Hampshire couple wonders why. So do I. Timothy and Dawn Smith wonder if adoptive couples have been consulted. Given the milquetoast example … Continue reading

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Synod Prop 8: Word of Reconciliation and Conversion

This issue didn’t get as much notice as it deserved. One paragraph in the proposition, two sentences: The importance of the Word of God in the sacraments of healing (Penance and Anointing) must be underlined. The Church must be the community that, … Continue reading

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Catherine of Siena … Stalker?

An interesting convergence of an opinion piece and a news quote on the America blog the past day. Michael Sean Winters posts one of the many millions of New Year’s prediction pieces. In it he suggests that the US bishops will … Continue reading

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Synod Prop 7: Unity Between Word and Eucharist

Just before Christmas I noticed all propositions from the bishops’ October synod are up on the Zenit website. If you want to find them yourselves, scroll to the bottom of the main page and browse through the list of documents. … Continue reading

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Managing Obligations

Good conversation below on holy days. Liam’s point on three obligatory Marian feasts for Americans is worth considering. I would think that if December 12th can make any headway, it will be either well-earned or the work of the Holy Spirit. … Continue reading

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Divinum Mysterium

I first heard an arrangement of this plainsong hymn about twenty-five years ago. It remains a favorite, though I’ve yet to muster the nerve to introduce a new congregational piece during the Christmas season. Of the Father’s love begotten, Ere … Continue reading

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Secrecy Above All

dotCommonweal notes this story on no phone-in or internet confessions for Coptic Christians. I noted the given reason in the press: Confessions over the telephone are forbidden, because there is a chance the telephones are monitored and the confessions will … Continue reading

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