Holier Than Thou, Smarter Than Thou

Chalk up another “dumb Catholic” lesson from the conservatives. At dotCommonweal, Eduardo Peñalver sums up the Kmiec-for-Vatican ambassador discussion.

Interesting quote from Steve Bainbridge:

Kmiec went so far as to write a book trying to persuade pro-life Catholics that it was okay to vote for Obama. In doing so, I believe he gave Obama significant political cover. Kmiec’s high profile position allows Obama to make an argument by appeal to authority to people who aren’t as informed on these issues or have failed to make a close study of the relevant doctrines as has Kmiec.

So … if I get this right, the problem is not that the naughty professor supported Senator Obama, but that he did so publicly and seemingly with persuasion, and so swayed some dumb sheep who “failed to … study” the political/doctrinal situation.

Many of the conservative Catholics have always been telling us they’re holier than the rest of the Church. Now they’re smarter too. Good stuff, this.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Holier Than Thou, Smarter Than Thou

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  2. Tony says:

    Todd, do you know the difference between stupidity and ignorance?

  3. Todd says:

    Tony, I know the difference, but I don’t think these guys necessarily do. It’s the same old canard: if only Catholics knew what the conservatives knew …

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