PCS 154-160: Abbreviated Rite

There’s realtively little to blog about on the anointing rite for individual celebration in a hospital or similar institution. The simple outline with references:

– Greeting (154)

– Instruction or prayer (155) with optional sacrament of penance

– Laying on of hands (156)

– Anointing (157) but as described in PCS 124

– The Lord’s Prayer (158)

– The prayer after anointing (159) but as given in PCS 125

– Conclusion with blessing (160)

The brief rite is interesting. The only Scripture is a quote from James 5:13-15 in the instruction or prayer. No litany of the sick. But the Lord’s prayer is retained.

This finishes anointing of the sick. Any last comments on the sacrament before we move on to Part II of the PCS, Pastoral Care of the Dying?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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