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Why Clerical Wear?

At my new parish, we have a semi-regular bulletin feature that addresses queries from the students’ Q&A box. One recent question I volunteered to address (but haven’t yet written the response) is: Why do the priests wear vestments? Do they … Continue reading

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Meandering Mathematics

I wasn’t quite sure how to proceed with this essay last night. I picked up the latest Commonweal earlier today and found Ned O’Gorman’s thoughtful piece, “Untouchable,” on page 31. Very good. It dovetails nicely from what I was trying … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Our Lady of Guadalupe

How do you or would you observe it in your parish, especially if there is no Mexican culture in your faith community? Will it end up like St Patrick’s observances, in which people embrace “being” Irish for day┬áto have a … Continue reading

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PCS 161: The Focus of Ministry to the Dying

Let’s begin our examination of the Church’s liturgical ministry to dying believers. Pastoral Care of the Dying covers sections 161 through 296 in the Rite of Pastoral Care of the Sick (PCS), a bit more than Part I on Anointing … Continue reading

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I’ve made it to YouTube, thanks to the Disco Space blog, host of Space Carnival 82. I have my fifteen minutes four seconds of videonotoriety. Dave did a really excellent job on the video version of the Space Carnival, so … Continue reading

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