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Arizona Excommunications

CNS reports that Phoenix bishop Thomas Olmstead has excommunicated LifeTeen founder Dale Fushek and one other priest who have been active in setting up a parallel liturgical community, The┬áPraise and Worship Center. My first exposure to LifeTeen was through a … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: LST (Liturgical Standard Time)

Fr Dennis, our associate pastor and my colleague, had a tough night last Thursday at our first form II reconciliation liturgy. We had a parish policy implemented about a year or two ago that set 7PM as a standard evening … Continue reading

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Enough Families

One myth I’m happy to see debunked is that there are not enough loving families available who want to adopt children from foster care. The truth is that almost fifty million people have considered adopting from foster care. That’s more … Continue reading

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PCS 165-166: Commendation & Prayers

The rite is careful to separate the rites that are designed for people near death and for those who have already died. In an emergency viaticum may be followed by the prayers of commendation (PCS 165) but these rituals are … Continue reading

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