Frozen Embryo Adoption

Still up in the air from Rome, but leaning toward an entirely negative judgment, so they say. A New Hampshire couple wonders why. So do I. Timothy and Dawn Smith wonder if adoptive couples have been consulted. Given the milquetoast example of surrogate mothers, I have to doubt the sociological and biological competence of the CDF.

Permitting adoption of already frozen embryos would seem to be in line with the Church’s concession on justified military service in order to avoid a greater evil.

Additionally, if hundreds of thousands of frozen embryos are in a cryogenic limbo, think about the millions of non-infants around the world who are in need of homes. While some harp about the sins of divorce, desertion, and addiction breaking up the traditional two-parent home, consider how long and how often one or both parents just die before their children are raised to adulthood.

The Church’s teaching on adoption is tragically impoverished. Maybe it’s time for the celibate ivory-tower clergy to step aside and let the real-world parents formulate this one.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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