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PCS 259-260: Rite for Emergencies

259. There are extreme circumstances in which not even the continuous rite can be celebrated. These occur when the danger of death from injury or illness is sudden and unexpected or when the priest is not called to exercise his … Continue reading

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Look, Learn, And Assist

As many of you have heard, the Vatican is conducting an apostolic visitation of women religious in the United States. Over the next several months, in turn, superiors general and major superiors in the US will be interviewed. A series … Continue reading

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PCS 247-258: Anointing, Viaticum, Peace

The rest of the continuous rite treats anointing, then viaticum. We’ve covered a lot of this territory before, and the rite itself refers back to previous rituals almost exclusively. PCS 247-250 covers sacramental anointing. The first section instructs the priest … Continue reading

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Red and Blue By Numbers

A few interesting visual aids courtesy the Crooks & Liars site. Political party leanings by state: And cable tv appearance by political party: Imagine the Republican Party having to work like heck to build up from a couple dozen electoral … Continue reading

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Dead Air

Let’s spread the good cheer around. Last Friday the tv network nbc was flailing to sell the last eight or so open ads for the Big Game. (Though they were insisting with a strong pr effort that there was no problem.) … Continue reading

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FOCA Watch: Pro-Life Delegation AWOL

Not only is FOCA nowhere to be found, but any face-to-face effort with the president is missing. From the comments, this piece of wisdom from Deacon Eric, a frequent commenter: Case in point: President Obama has offered a middle road, … Continue reading

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Trinity, I Think Not

A curious quote from the usually competent Elizabeth Lev of Zenit: An increasing number of people believe Galileo to be the father, Darwin (whose Origin of the Species is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year) the son, and Albert Einstein … Continue reading

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Cooperative Extremes, Moderates, and Non-Extremes

A few days ago at dotCommonweal, Cathleen Caveny upfronted a good comment from Chris Currie and gave it it’s own thread. I had composed a reply there the other night, but lost it. So I figured I could say half … Continue reading

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Jazz Thursday: “Journey Home” with the MSO

It’s an early post, in part because this artist deserves to have her music in the full light of day. I enjoyed Maria Schneider’s compositions at the Eastman School of Music in the 80’s. Her ability to get wonderful color … Continue reading

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Duke on the Quarter

The new quarter commemorating the District of Columbia went into release this week. It’s good to see one of America’s most outstanding composers honored. In spite of the cut-off piano, I like this design. Representative Mike Castle of Delaware has … Continue reading

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PCS 244-246: Faith, Litany, Confirmation

As it is part of the Viaticum liturgy (PCS 190-191), the baptismal profession of faith and litany follow the Liturgy of Penance. If, that is, “the condition of the sick person permits.” A sprinkling rite may take place after the … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Sharing is Caring

CNS reports on a theft at a Pakistani parish in Karachi. Sound system, chalices, and other liturgical items are now being borrowed from neighboring parishes. It brings to mind a challenge I’ve found common in the parishes I’ve served. Lots … Continue reading

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PCS 241-243: Penitential Options

In the Liturgy of Penance (241-243) one of two options is provided. The priest may lead the sick person in either the sacrament of penance or a penitential rite: 241. If the sick person so wishes, the sacrament of penance … Continue reading

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Thomas Trivia

  1.       Thomas was born in … a.       Sicily b.      Paris c.       Rome d.      Assisi 2.      Thomas’s first students were: a.       Postulants to a religious order b.      His younger sisters c.       High school students d.      Advanced scholars seminar 3.      Thomas’s … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict in the Blue Mosque

(This is Neil) John Allen’s December 8, 2006 “All Things Catholic” column asks seven different questions, including, most bluntly, “What gives?” Allen ends by noting, “If only Nixon could go to China, in other words, perhaps only Benedict could pray … Continue reading

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