CITE* Watch: Vigneron Back To Detroit

Rock has two posts on it already today: Allen Vigneron, ordained for the Archdiocese of Detroit, goes back to Detroit after a six-year sojourn in Oakland. He was an auxiliary bishop for a bit more than six years in Detroit.

This isn’t as bad as some recent episcopal appointments. Nashville acutally has a bishop who was baptized in the cathedral that now seats him. But is it opportune to ask what Archbishop Vigneron “learned” in Oakland that now makes him more “fit” to take over in Detroit? When Cardinal Maida gives his successor a “moving introduction and ‘welcome home!'” is that supposed to make California Catholics feel better? Vigneron, at least, had the good grace to be grateful:

As I move toward the end of these remarks, I want to express my respect and love for the Church in Oakland: for her priests and deacons and for the people we have served together. Even though I experience great peace in accepting the call to Detroit because I know it is God’s will, this peace comes with great sadness at parting. My years of pastoral service in the Diocese of Oakland, while not without significant challenges, have been filled with blessings I will never forget.

So, Californians, take heart: it was God’s will that your Church is a stepping stone to bigger, better, and maybe redder things. Meanwhile, the Diocese of Orange down the road has three bishops. You have the Raiders. 

* Careerism in the Episcopacy

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8 Responses to CITE* Watch: Vigneron Back To Detroit

  1. Jimmy Mac says:

    No more carpetbaggers! We want a bishop from THIS diocese, not an elsewhereian. We have good and holy priests in the diocese of Oakland who know the place, the people and would be excellent as a shepherd.

    Vigneron had a good sponsor in the person of Maida. George Niederauer of SF is a personal friend of Levada: hence, he’s there. Ditto for Randy Calvo of Reno who is and was a good priest, but nevertheless the beneficiary of friends in Very High Places.

  2. Charles in CenCA says:

    Not gonna happen. There will be no Sotos no mo., least not in Oaktown. I think Cardinal Roger’s influence has significantly waned and that his proteges already have episcopal appointments and I don’t think this curia will let Oakland slip its attention. Though the pastor of Corpus Christi, Piedmont/Oakland would be a great leader (my choir sang for his ordination at St. Francis de Sales back in the day.)
    And for you, Mr. Flowerday, you can diss the cathedral, you can diss Al Davis, but do not, under penalty of howls of derisive laughter and foul odors in your general direction, diss either my hometown or their football team, no matter their dilapidated existential state at the present moment.
    C, Oakland H.S. Class of ’69, Centennial anniversary of founding of school.

  3. Todd says:

    Who, me?

    Charles, I like what I’ve seen of your cathedral.

    As for football, I rooted for the Raiders in my boyhood as my younger brother went for the Steelers. My last stab was intended as an ironic comment about how you’ve been raided, while LAland has plenty of bishops–but no NFL team.

  4. Tony says:

    Redder is better :D

  5. Jim McK says:

    Didn’t Jerry Brown study for the priesthood? Maybe, following after St Ambrose, he could be recruited and ordained as Oakland’s bishop.

  6. Liam says:

    Possible, since his civil marriage would be deemed invalid….

  7. Jimmy Mac says:

    What the curia had better keep in mind is the fact that Vigneron was shrewd enough to realize that the diocese of Oakland is quite healthy in toto. Contra Costa County has grown by leaps and bounds, and so have its parishes. There are many pastors, however, who are at/near retirement age. Any new ordinary that comes in and tries to (1) “reform” Holy Hill (as AV was feared to have on his agenda, but didn’t), or (2) turn those megaparishes/megapastors into clones of St. Margaret Mary (the retrograde “biretta boyz” parish in Oakland) will lost the best of his best and learn to suffer the wrath of the part of his diocese that supports the poorer parts, of which there are many. And there is still that wee matter of $75 mm to pay off on the new cathedral.

  8. Jimmy Mac says:

    Chas: I was a member of StFdeS in the early 70s during the time of Don Osuna’s leadership. Were you there then?

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