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Church Art

Now that I have my cell phone camera-to-internet-to-computer connection reestablished, let me give you a peek at my new parish. When the church was expanded and renovated about a decade ago, an icon was put into the niche under the … Continue reading

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Dug Out

We’re shovelled out! Forty minutes: not too bad to get the car, front door, back door, driveway and all connections clear. Winds from the north helped to move deposited snow and before the young miss dusted off the car, I … Continue reading

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Got Soup

Want a bowl of hot soup? It’s a good soup day in central Iowa. This morning, I woke up, got out of bed, and before a ran a comb across my head, I noticed whiteness outside–lots of it. We’ve received … Continue reading

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Looking Back And To Baptism

Stephen Watkins is back from holiday and his first program of the New Year, “Starry Night,” ¬†focused on liturgical offerings for the Epiphany feast. Go to his page on the Australian public radio web site for the audio link. Plainsong … Continue reading

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PCS 197-211: Viaticum Outside Mass

These sections detail how to celebrate viaticum outside Mass. Essentially, the celebration is a Word and Communion service with the appropriate rituals we’ve encountered in previous sections. The introductory rites are lengthier, though, with a greeting by the minister, the … Continue reading

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