Church Art

Now that I have my cell phone camera-to-internet-to-computer connection reestablished, let me give you a peek at my new parish. When the church was expanded and renovated about a decade ago, an icon was put into the niche under the south loft:


We finally filled the opposite niche with a sculpture of our patron by the Chicago artist Jerzy Kenar:


The niche has been papered with a background suggestive of medieval architecture. The angelic doctor also has a bookshelf with him. Here are our two niches from the side aisle a few pews toward the altar:


This is what you would see leaving our church and walking toward the garden exit.

I think there’s a wisdom in waiting to fill devotional niches like this. Parishes should feel the freedom to discern what art should be commissioned and where it needs to be placed.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to Church Art

  1. Jimmy Mac says:

    Did you mean your “patron saint” rather than “patron?”

    Otherwise, this patron must have been in existence long before your parish was established.

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