Dug Out


We’re shovelled out! Forty minutes: not too bad to get the car, front door, back door, driveway and all connections clear. Winds from the north helped to move deposited snow and before the young miss dusted off the car, I snapped this image of a ridge and little spiky snow extrusions on the downwind side of the vehicle.

This “geology” of snow is fascinating. When I was in college I saw raised footprints in the snow on the quad. How did they form? Students walked across fresh fallen snow, imprinting on the clean white fields. Later the wind came and easily blew away what had not been compressed.

When the young miss and I walk the dog at night, I tell her about the icy moons of Saturn. I imagine the plowed streets being the Enceladan sulci and we’re bundled-up explorers watching out for a surprise geyser that might blow us off into space. 

My spouse has been sick the past two days, so the young miss is in a quandry. Go to Mass with me tonight. Go early and get the pick of the best donuts and sweetcakes. Go tomorrow night at 7PM only to return home and be immediately (practically) off to bed. Which would you choose?

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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