More Snow


Up at 6:30 this morning to check the tv and internet: no school cancellations. The walk was still partly concrete from where I shovelled last night. The young miss was disappointed, but she got ready for school and even had time to walk the dog before piling into the car. Good thing she was ready early. The white was falling heavy by 7:30 and there was a long line of opposite-lane traffic on my way back from the school run.

When I was a kid, I paid attention to snow, especially when the plows piled the stuff higher than your head. ’66 was a great winter for that. Funny, but when I started driving, the snow lost some appeal.

Since the young miss arrived, I’ve noticed more the amounts of snow we get year to year. Her first winter with us in Iowa was great: lots and lots of snow and I lived across the street from the church. In Kansas City, the schools would shut down seemingly at the hint of mean weather. We had lots of ice. One really good snowfall each winter, but little more.

With almost a foot on the ground and no 32-plus temps in sight, this has been our second-heaviest winter with the young miss. She’s eager to try out her new sled. She keeps bugging me to get my own, but I’m thinking of just putting a few cardboard boxes together–we still have lots of them in the basement. Likely that I’ll be spending the day shovelling here and there.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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