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Carnival of Space 86

The 86th edition of the Carnival of Space is up at Collect Space. Today’s (14 Jan) Astronomy Picture of the Day┬áis quite neat. Can you spot all three Saturnian moons in the image above?

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Snacking on the Word: John 1:38-39a

John steps in this Sunday as the Lectionary gives Mark a break. I love this weekend’s readings. The call of Samuel is classic–and nearly every child exposed to it appreciates both the phenomenon of God’s call and adult misinterpretation that … Continue reading

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PCS 214-216: Texts And How To Proclaim Them

The pastoral care rites give the minister more guidance on how to proclaim Scriptures and other texts with and to the dying. See what you think: 214. The minister may choose texts from among the prayers, litanies, aspirations, psalms, and … Continue reading

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Professor Doug Kmiec throws it down at Commonweal. Mostly he has the measure of the blogosphere, but this piece is akin to taking a power drill to a beehive. It will convince none of the buzzers and it gives me … Continue reading

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