PCS 219: Litany of the Saints

 219. When the condition of the dying person calls for the use of brief forms of prayer, those who are present are encouraged to pray the litany of saints–or at least some of its invocations–for him or her. Special mention may be made of the patron saints of the dying person, of the family, and of the parish. The litany may be said or sung in the usual way. Other customary prayers may also be used.

The Litany of Saints is another tradition that links the dying person to the time of baptism. The response to the invocations of saints is “pray for him/her.” Two forms of the litany are given, the first being the full Easter Vigil formula plus extra invocations for the responses, “Lord, save your people” and “Lord, hear our prayer.” The starred invocations are not used at baptism:

Lord, be merciful
From all evil
From every sin
*From Satan’s power
*At the moment of death
From everlasting death
*On the day of judgment
By your coming as man
*By your suffering and cross
By your death and rising to new life
*By your return in glory to the Father
By your gift of the Holy Spirit
*By your coming again in glory

Be merciful to us sinners
*Bring N to eternal life, first promised to him/her in baptism
*Raise N on the last day, for he/she has eaten the bread of life
*Let N. share in your glory for he/she has shared in your suffering and death
Jesus, Son of the Living God 

The rite offers the minister the option of a briefer form.

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