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Winter Blues

Astronomers cannot see the winter hemisphere of Saturn from Earth. So the blues of Saturn were a surprise to the Cassini mission scientists. From our planet, Saturn appears to have a mellow tan-yellow hue, unlike the wild riot of Jupiter’s … Continue reading

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FOCA Watch: AWOL in the Queue

I watched a rare bit of tv (cringe), surfed the web, and heard a lot about the president calling Middle East leaders and having meetings. Nothing on FOCA. Clearly the man has reneged on his Major Campaign Promise to the … Continue reading

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PCS 232: Exceptional Circumstances, Introduction

Chapter VIII will wrap up Part II of the Pastoral Care Rites, but be warned: it is a long one, running from section 232 through 296. One section serves as an introduction, and here it is: 232. The rites contained … Continue reading

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Day 4: The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 2009

(This is Neil)   Day 4                             Christians face to face with ecological crisis “that they may become one in your hand”       Gen 1: 31-2: 3     God saw everything he had made and it … Continue reading

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