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FOCA Watch: 130 Hours and Counting

FOCA is still MIA, it seems. The fringes will have to be satisfied with meetings about the economy. Those darn greedy Americans! Don’t they know there’s a Culture War at stake?! David Gibson runs down the Mexico City policy at … Continue reading

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The Parisian Thoroughfares

“The STA Jazzers,” they said. What? That name won’t do. Our parish feast was celebrated today with a potluck supper. The chair of our Family Life Committee asked me weeks ago to provide some dinner music. Our parish Saturday choir … Continue reading

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PCS 236: Penance, Anointing, Viaticum Intro

Penance, Anointing, and Viaticum celebrated together is the first exceptional circumstance treated in Chapter VIII of the Pastoral Care Rites. Let’s start reading the three-section introduction: 236. This rite has been provided for use when sudden illness, an accident, or … Continue reading

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Day 8: The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 2009

(This is Neil)   Day 8   Christian proclamation of hope in a world of separation “that they may become one in your hand”    Ezek 37: 1-14   I will open your graves Ps 104: 24-34 You renew the … Continue reading

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Looks like the conservative extreme has found common ground. I’m sure that Rush, Ann, Bill, Michelle, and the extreme Catholic blogosphere are feeling heartened to have such allies in the fight against … What is it they’re fighting for, again?

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