The Parisian Thoroughfares

“The STA Jazzers,” they said.

What? That name won’t do.

Our parish feast was celebrated today with a potluck supper. The chair of our Family Life Committee asked me weeks ago to provide some dinner music. Our parish Saturday choir has some musicians of great promise, so I asked Sean, a grad student, to play bass, and Brandon, high school, on alto sax. We worked up a nice set list: Freddie Freeloader, All Blues, Blue Monk, Now’s The Time (Brandon’s Charlie Parker (left) tune he’s working on with his band teacher), It’s A Lovely Day (featuring my wife on vocal) and Song For My Father.

So … what to call ourselves that wasn’t lame and uncool. Sean and I started paging through the jazz book for a song title that might work. We had a big laugh about calling ourselves the “Parisian Thoroughfares.” That worked for us.

My wife related this cool story from after the dinner. An elderly parishioner approached her and said, “You did a very nice job. You were wonderful”

“God is good,” my wife said.

“Oh, I didn’t mean you. It was wonderful that you got the young people involved.”

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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