Deacon Greg posts on one bit of outrage over the lifting of the SSPX excommunication. And I agree with the outrage. However, intelligence is not quite a prerequisite for ordination or whatever these guys have undergone. Denial of history is stupidity as well as willful ignorance. Sort of like their approach to Vatican II.

What I’m interested to know is this: now that they’ve been reinstated, are these four bishops refraining from priestly activity in anticipation of full restoration with Rome? And if not, what, really, has changed? Do you suppose that if this reconciliation proceeds, will these bishops will go to confession and mention their actions over the past twenty-one years? What was the formula; confess all sins in kind and number?

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4 Responses to Scandal

  1. Gavin says:

    My understanding is that the excommunication has been lifted, but the schism remains. So the offense over an idiot like the SSPX bishop is unfounded, since he still does not hold a licit office in the Church. Or at least that’s my understanding, this stuff is so confusing.

    How about if we NOT go to churches which condemn the new Mass, and make a policy of NOT hating Jews? Is that so hard to stick to?

  2. Liam says:

    It’s not unfounded. While his very public wing-nuttiness may not be dispositive of a remission of an excommunication imposed for quite other reasons, it does (1) call into question the prudence of such remission, and (2) scream for quick and very public rebuke by Rome.

    Unfortunately, given that he is currently not going around trying to confect Orders or the Eucharist invalidly, Rome’s usual pace for rebuke is slower.

    I will note that I believe His Lordship fears reconciliation precisely because it makes the likelihood of discipline of him by Rome for substantive (as opposed to formal) reasons much more likely.

    Why doesn’t the SSPX open a mission on, say, St Helena?

  3. Charles R. Williams says:

    Actually, they remain excommunicated latae sententiae by their own actions. Only the decree of excommunication was rescinded. But no decree was ever necessary. This is purely a gesture on Benedict’s part.

    What needs to happen is the theological work necessary to resolve the ambiguities in the V2 documents in the direction of Sacred Tradition.

  4. Charles R. Williams says:

    Another point: Williamson is a bishop with no jurisdiction. He should never be granted any jurisdiction over anything. The Vatican can treat him like any bishop who is nuts – just ignore him.

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