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PCS 247-258: Anointing, Viaticum, Peace

The rest of the continuous rite treats anointing, then viaticum. We’ve covered a lot of this territory before, and the rite itself refers back to previous rituals almost exclusively. PCS 247-250 covers sacramental anointing. The first section instructs the priest … Continue reading

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Red and Blue By Numbers

A few interesting visual aids courtesy the Crooks & Liars site. Political party leanings by state: And cable tv appearance by political party: Imagine the Republican Party having to work like heck to build up from a couple dozen electoral … Continue reading

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Dead Air

Let’s spread the good cheer around. Last Friday┬áthe tv network nbc was flailing to sell the last eight or so open ads for the Big Game. (Though they were insisting with a strong pr effort that there was no problem.) … Continue reading

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FOCA Watch: Pro-Life Delegation AWOL

Not only is FOCA nowhere to be found, but any face-to-face effort with the president is missing. From the comments, this piece of wisdom from Deacon Eric, a frequent commenter: Case in point: President Obama has offered a middle road, … Continue reading

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