PCS 283-284: Liturgy of the Word

PCS 283 suggests two possible gospel readings: Matthew 22:35-40 (the greatest commandment) and John 6:44-47 (belief leads to eternal life). Section 284 gives the text of a litany–eight intercessions that focus on the intentions of the sick person, focused mainly on the nature of baptism:

Father, increase his/her faith in Christ, your Son and our Savior; in faith we make our prayer: R. Lord hear us.

Grant his/her desire to have eternal life and enter the kingdom of heaven …

Fulfill his/her hope of knowing you, the creator of the world and the Father of all …

Through baptism forgive his/her sins and make him/her holy …

Grant him/her the salvation which Christ won by his death and resurrection …

In your love adopt him/her into your family …

(Restore him/her to health so that he/she may have the time to know and imitate Christ more perfectly …)

Keep united in faith and love all who have been baptized into the one body of Christ …

These intercessions may be adapted, or eliminated entirely, if the condition of the sick person would merit.

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