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The odds were it was going to happen someday. Cosmos 2251 and Iridium 33 had a little mishap in Earth orbit Tuesday, and there’s no way to vacuum up all the debris. Just a little warning in case you’re planning … Continue reading

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Modest Is As Modest Does

Pope Benedict biographer David Gibson considers that B16 could have done better with Jewish leaders in Rome today. Good commentariat discussion there, including a thought that the pope refrains from strong language because he defers to Scripture in a way … Continue reading

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South Africa: A Sign of Liturgical Things to Come?

Alone among the English-speaking nations, South Africa has waded out into the wide blue ocean of Roman Missal III, authorizing use of the Order of Mass (the people’s parts plus the Eucharistic Prayers) as of this past Advent. All is … Continue reading

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ICEL Copyright: A Practical Example

I’ve been thinking about making some of my liturgical compositions available online. My software of choice permits me to publish online, and even reap an income from music sales. But much of what I set to music has texts from … Continue reading

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