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FOCA Watch: Sinners Meet the Pope

I’m afraid to look around the conservative blogosphere. Deacon Greg reports the House Speaker may meet with the pope. It seems as if  every other conservative blogger is wishing it were him or her meeting with B16 and Representative Pelosi … Continue reading

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The Pope Doesn’t Speak For Me?

Jimmy Mac sent this link from Pennsylvania. Bishop Joseph “The USCCB Does Not Speak For Me” Martino is asking school principals to assemble lists of anti-union parents to help lobby state government. At risk is the legal exemption of religious … Continue reading

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Anointing: Not So Easily Categorized

It is a feature of post-conciliar catechesis to subdivide the seven sacraments into three neat categories: initiation, healing, and vocation. If one looks at the surface, it makes sense to group Baptism-Confirmation-Eucharist as the liminal event that completes one’s initiation … Continue reading

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