FOCA Watch: Sinners Meet the Pope

Bush US PopeI’m afraid to look around the conservative blogosphere. Deacon Greg reports the House Speaker may meet with the pope. It seems as if  every other conservative blogger is wishing it were him or her meeting with B16 and Representative Pelosi were being consigned to the hottest levels of hell. And the other half are skipping right to the levels of hell, not passing go, not wishing for any sort of personal meeting.

Meanwhile, we’re nearly a month into the Obama Administration and guess what? Still no sign of FOCA.

Why am I afraid? The blogosphere is getting really weird and spinny these days. They’ve never had to blog under anything other than a Republican administration. Now they have to deal with the downside of being political losers. I even read somewhere this weekend that the Democrats are getting scared for 2010. Are they serious? What should really scare the R’s is if some populist third-party starts running serious candidates. Think about 2012. What if somebody like Ross Perot runs for prez. Do you really think he would siphon off D votes? The Republicans could get shut out of the electoral college. They’d be completely dead by 2016.

Meanwhile, some perspective is needed on the little events of life. One meeting. It may or may not happen. Conversion may or may not happen. Personally, I’d feel better if Ms Pelosi went on an eight-day silent retreat. Ditto if some of the more hyperactive bloggers joined her.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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4 Responses to FOCA Watch: Sinners Meet the Pope

  1. John Heavrin says:

    Todd, the Republicans aren’t going anywhere. You can dream sweet dreams, of course, and I wouldn’t begrudge you those dreams. I’m sure the last eight years have been difficult, desperate ones for you under Republican rule. But a Republican disappearance is just that, a dream.

    I would remind you that in 1972, the Republicans were all but literally “shut out of the electoral college,” carrying only one state. The next time around, in 1976, the Democrats were not only not “dead,” they won.

    I do concur with your wish that Pelosi would fall silent, however.

  2. John Heavrin says:

    Sorry, Dems were all but shut out in ’72.

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  4. Todd, as usual, to your fine post I add, “Amen.”

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