Carnival of Space #90

I’ve been remiss about astronomy posts in the new year, even neglecting to mention the Carnival of Space. Other good bloggers haven’t, so check out the 90th edition.

Another daily browse for me is APOD, the Astronomy Picture of the Day site. Today’s image is a treat: the Carina Nebula.

Meanwhile, the image above, posted Friday on the Cassini site shows that the blue clouds of Saturn’s northern winter have given way to pastels of rose, green and tan. Scientists concede they have no idea why Saturn’s north was blue when the probe arrived in 2004. And no idea about the colors of the approaching spring.

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2 Responses to Carnival of Space #90

  1. WOW! says:

    Wonderful Picture, would the colors be relative to the gases that Saturn is releasing or absorbing?

  2. Ray says:

    Could Saturn be opening up its crown Chakra?

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