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B16: V2 Innovator

SSPX Bishop Bernard Fellay on problems with doctrinal congruency with the pope: That seems difficult. Certainly he seems close to us on the question of liturgy. On the other hand, he holds very deeply to the innovations of Vatican II. … Continue reading

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GICI 4: More Dignity

The GICI notes the Scripture references that identify the body of believers as a building, a nation, and a priesthood: pretty dignified, I’d say. This section also describes why valid baptism is not repeated: 4. Further, baptism is the sacrament … Continue reading

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Speaker Meets The Pope

The blogosphere is still spinning over this morning’s Pelosi-B16 meet-up. For those who suggested an excommunication was in order, anything less than a knuckle-rapping has to be seen as a bitter defeat. Certainly a showing of family memorabilia has to rate pretty … Continue reading

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Blood in the Water

Liam sent along this link, a concern that a little nick (or maybe a few of them) have those terrible, scary, liberal sharks sniffing out the weakness. Offer it up, comes the advice. Here are Liam’s musings on it: Fr Z  seems … Continue reading

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Baseball Jock Flunks Math/Science

Not A-Rod, but G-Will. In his defense, he’s a good writer, and I think his books on baseball stand out above his political punditry. Funny how something as obvious as climate change can make chumps out of otherwise smart people.

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GICI 3: Dignity of Baptism

We read GICI 3-6 under the heading of “Dignity of Baptism.” I would suggest these paragraphs provide the core of Church teaching on Baptism, drawing from the primary Scriptural references. First we read the Gospel foundation for Baptism: 3. Baptism, … Continue reading

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