Speaker Meets The Pope

The blogosphere is still spinning over this morning’s Pelosi-B16 meet-up. For those who suggested an excommunication was in order, anything less than a knuckle-rapping has to be seen as a bitter defeat. Certainly a showing of family memorabilia has to rate pretty low on the interest scale.

Apparently, those harping on the Speaker missing connections with her Archbishop, are also clenching their teeth, too. Since when is a meeting between a believer and a pastor something the public needs to know? And if we shouldn’t necessarily know about it, why would a person’s work colleagues know?

Chalk this up to pseudo-news, and as more egg is wiped from anti-abortion faces on this one, can we ask: Just how many unborn lives did this save?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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7 Responses to Speaker Meets The Pope

  1. Anti-Abortion Dem says:

    “more egg is wiped from anti-abortion faces on this one ”

    I am sincerely confused by this phrase. Do you mean YOU are embarrassed/have egg on your face?
    Or do you not consider yours an “anti-abortion face”?

    I share what I think is your outrage at people who call themselves “pro-life” when they are ONLY “anti-abortion,” but that doesn’t mean that all faithful Christians are not “anti=abortion.”

    They are.

    Aren’t you?

  2. Holly Hansne says:

    I could be an ardent pro-lifer if were not for one thing. PRO-LIFERS !

  3. Micha Elyi says:

    Just how many unborn lives will silence save?Just how many hearts will silence change?

    Here’s a thought experiment for those of you who tut-tut at those pro-lifers who embarass you: If all the pro-life people vanished tomorrow, would the abortions end?

    A meeting between a believer and a pastor became something the public needs to know because the believer made her errors public by her words and deeds over years of political campaigns, public speeches, and open votes in the national legislature on public laws. (Duh.)

    I am confident that the public criticism of the public pronounciamentos of the very public politician Nancy Pelosi whose very public pro-abortion words and deeds are a scandal to the Church has saved lives, is saving lives, and will save more lives for years to come.

  4. Gavin says:

    Although I disagree with Todd’s viewpoint vehemently, I too am disgusted by certain sectors of the Catholic pro-life movement which seek only the humiliation of political allies. I’m not interested in humiliation, I’m only interested in her changing her voting pattern. How that comes about should be totally irrelevant to most of the rest of us.

  5. Gavin says:

    Caught it right after I hit post: political ENEMIES! Although I’d be humiliated to be a pro-life politician with people like that on my side…

  6. Gavin

    That is one of the issues I see within the Catholic blogosphere. They use a Catholic position to undermine the personal dignity of a politician they do not like, and look for any and every way they can read meetings between politicians with religious leaders to support their position without looking beyond the political spectrum and into the human level of the encounter.

    “She was snubbed, she didn’t get her photo-op, showing Benedict was teaching her a lesson” is how people read the lack of pictures. Yet when shown she has had a “photo-op” at other times, that is somehow different. Seriously I think there is a human encounter going on here, and Pelosi does have theological problems, but it is never so simple to create political solutions in a state (the US) with the current legal situation we find ourselves in to deal with abortion. So many people forget that. Yet, they will be the first to cite the authority of the US legal system as a way to dismiss ecclesial criticism of current immigration laws.

  7. Dan says:

    Hopefully, it will not be pseudo-news for Ms. Pelosi. Hopefully, having heard the Church’s position directly from B16, not from some Jesuit — sorry, Fr. Mitch — or other “Catholic consultant,” she will reconsider her support of abortion and recognize that to gain the whole world — or at least the Senate — and lose one’s soul just ain’t worth it.

    God bless,

    P.S.: I ain’t judgin’ her heart –that’s above my pay grade — just reading her actions.

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