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Voice of God Peeps In

First Sunday of Lent, introit: Invocábit me, et égo exáudiam éum: erípiam éum, et glorificábo éum: longitúdine diérum adimplébo éum. Or, in the vernacular: When he calls to me, I will answer him; I will rescue him and honor him; … Continue reading

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Eating During Lent

Time to plan those meatless family meals: Lent is very near. Today’s CNS feature tells a bit of it. I usually have one meatless meal with my family each week. Lately, I’ve tried to move that to Friday. I did … Continue reading

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GICI 5-6: Yet More Dignity

More New Testament passages are invoked in these two sections to root Christian baptismal theology thoroughly in Christ’s saving efforts. What do Christians believe baptism does? GICI 5 gives a summary: 5. Baptism, the cleansing with water by the power … Continue reading

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Sunsets For Liturgical Ministers

Do you ever wonder, as I do, if certain Church ministries will go dormant and die? In the recent past, we saw a brief resurgence in the role of commentator. The commentator at liturgy was supposed to explain things to … Continue reading

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The Dogs of Winter

Last night was an amazingly good night for skywatching. The (earthbound) dog and I went for a walk a few blocks from the house. Temperature was in the teens and a bitter wind was cutting into my coat from the … Continue reading

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