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Snacking on the Word: Proverbs 31:25

Our parish celebrated a memorial service this evening. I believe the funeral and burial were earlier this week at a family town of origin. But a small group gathered to pray for our widowed parishioner and his family. They chose … Continue reading

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GICI 7: Offices and Ministries of Baptism

One of the hang-ups of present day Catholicism is over ministry. Lay or clergy. Ordained or not. Active or receptive. Passages like today’s illustrate the Church doesn’t think in this way. Ministries are complementary: they work together to cooperate most … Continue reading

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Dissecting Some Episcopal Journalism

That bishops, by default, get a column in diocesan organs sometimes might speak of the low quality of Catholic print journalism. David Gibson at Pontifications notes a little conversation between the President and Bishop Tobin of Providence. Except it didn’t … Continue reading

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Earth As Diamond Ring

Check out this movie of our home planet rising over the moon’s rim just as the sun is peeking out from a total eclipse of the Earth. The image right is the classic shot taken by the Apollo 12 astronauts: … Continue reading

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At The Door of the Church

Thanks for a good budding thread on Liturgical Ministry Sunsets. One comment I noted was the presence of somebody who knows things at the church doors. At my new parish, there’s an excellent sense of presence from my staff colleagues. … Continue reading

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24 in the Box

It sounds like a weird sit-com spin-off for Jack Bauer, but it’s a real sacramental event, keeping confessors on hand in New York archdiocesan parishes over a twenty-four-hour period. You can see from the publicity poster that individual parishes aren’t … Continue reading

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