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Looking for Process, Due or Otherwise

I’ve seen this kind of thing before. No doubt loyal parishioners are feeling the thrill of turning back the archbishop’s will, but outside of schism, I don’t see how this can be sustained. St Mary’s has a web presence where … Continue reading

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FOCA Watch: Engines of Activism

Remember five weeks ago the need-to-confess list had worked its way down from people who had abortions, to legislators and executives who didn’t stop people from having abortions, to voters who elected legislators and executives who didn’t stop people from … Continue reading

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GICI 10: Qualifications for Godparents

The core of the Church’s regulations on godparents are here:¬† 10. Therefore godparents, chosen by the catechumens or by the families of children to be baptized, must, in the judgment of the parish priest (pastor), be qualified to carry out … Continue reading

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Unemployment in the 70’s

That’s not the 1970’s, but in as a percentage of unemployed Bush 43 political appointees still looking for meaningful work. Though five-figure honoraria for giving speeches doesn’t sound too bad. It would¬†keep the groceries on the table in the meantime. … Continue reading

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