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GICI 15-17: Laypersons and Baptism

These three sections outline the lay ministries of baptism. GICI is pragmatic in suggesting that clergy alone can’t handle large numbers of baptisms. I suppose that covers two possible contingencies: large numbers of baptisms at once (such as at the … Continue reading

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On Heroes

I noticed Archbishop Chaput concerned about people finding a messiah in an American president. Interesting that young Catholics thought they had found a “messiah” of sorts here: Not too much concern from the American bishops over the past thirty years … Continue reading

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Chumming with the Moon

Even if you don’t have a telescope or binoculars, or even a dark rural sky, take advantage of the monthly line-of-sight encounters between the Earth’s moon and the sun’s planets. If you’re not getting slammed by snow this weekend, Venus … Continue reading

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Show, Don’t Tell

It’s a principle of good writing: show the readers what is going on. Don’t tell them. Overheard in church the other day: “Please stand.” Very often, the same principle can be applied to good liturgy. Show people what to do; … Continue reading

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