Mahony on Williamson

Strong words from the California cardinal:

In the Los Angeles Archdiocese, Williamson is hereby banned from entering any Catholic church, school or other facility, until he and his group comply fully and unequivocally with the Vatican‘s directives regarding the Holocaust.

Holocaust deniers like Williamson will find no sympathetic ear or place of refuge in the Catholic Church, of which he is not — and may never become — a member.

Clearly, Archbishop Mahony (watch for correct spelling, people) isn’t enamored of the SSPX–no surprise, but not a card-carrying requirement for liberalhood.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Mahony on Williamson

  1. sd says:

    Wow. This strikes me as a vile move on the part of the Cardinal. Utterly vile. Let me count the ways this stinks:

    1) There is no evidence that Williamson plans to visit LA anytime soon. Thus this looks like a transparent PR move. An attempt to curry favor with the media. Well, I can do the Cardinal one better: I hereby announce that I will not – under any circumstances – have Robert Mugabe over to my house for ice cream. That’ll show him!

    2) I wonder when the Cardinal will start imposing similar restrictions on other people who have not complied “fully and unequivocally with the Vatican’s directives” on, um, other matters?

    3) “of which he is not — and may never become — a member.” Let’s see. Williamson is a validly Baptized Catholic. He was indeed under a canonical penalty of excommunication until recently, but is no longer under such a penalty. Thus I don’t see how a bishop – any bishop, has the right to bar Williamson from the Sacrament of Confession, much less bar him entry into a Catholic church. One could argue that the Cardinal is within his rights (duties?) under canon law to bar Williamson from receiving communion since he publicly persists in grave sin, but that does beg the question of whether there are any other grave sins that other people publicly persist in that might be grounds for…

    4) And for that matter, as a validly Baptized Catholic, Williamson is obliged to attend Mass in a Catholic Rite every Sunday and Holy Day of obligation. So if he finds himself in LA he’s supposed to… what?

  2. Liam says:

    Well, I am no fan of Williamson, but this directive raises more questions than it answers. Troubling indeed. I fear this will also be used to discredit apt critiques of Williamson.

  3. David D. says:

    Big week so far for Card. Mahony.

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