GICI 27-29: Some Last Requirements

img_6803GICI 27 would be a surprise to one former pastor who preferred multiple celebrations of infant baptisms on the same day, usually a convenient Saturday:

27. As far as possible, all recently born babies should be baptized at a common celebration on the same day. Except for a good reason, baptism should not be celebrated more than once on the same day in the same church.

Any thoughts as to why #27 is a good idea?

28. Further details concerning the time for baptism of adults and of children will be found in the respective rituals. But at all times the celebration of the sacrament should have a markedly paschal character.

A Sunday celebration helps establish this character, but Scripture can help, too. One challenge is when infant baptisms are scheduled during Lent. Most parishes avoid this, and some postpone until Easter Sunday or even the Vigil. I’ve been in parishes with all three practices. Ironically, parents with less church sensibility probably need the reinforcement of Sunday. For active and catechized Catholics who are aware of the paschal character of baptism, it may matter less. Though likely such parents would insist on a Sunday baptism.

29. Parish priests (pastors) must carefully and without delay record in the baptismal register the names of those baptized, of the minister, parents, and godparents, as well as the place and date of baptism.

Ah yes. I knew a young man once, baptized in infancy but never catechized due to the death of his Catholic parent. The baptism, recounted as a family tradition, had no record in any parish. The paperwork on baptism–all the sacraments obviously–really is important.



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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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One Response to GICI 27-29: Some Last Requirements

  1. Liam says:

    And that paperwork would also be testifying that the sacrament was administered according to the rite. If it was not so administered, but the paperwork doesn’t reflect that, someone is engaged in deceit….

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