GICI 31-33: More Adaptations, Conference-Level

img_6803Let’s wrap up the adaptations expected of/permitted conferences of bishops:

31. Taking into consideration especially the norms in the Constitution on the Liturgy (37-40, 65), the conferences of bishops in mission countries have the responsibility of judging whether the elements of initiation in use among some people can be adapted for the rite of Christian baptism and of deciding  whether such elements are to be incorporated into the rite. 

No mention of approval in Rome here. But a sensible approach that evangelization and the spread of the gospel supercedes a certain fussy attachment to Western European forms and traditions.

32. When the Roman ritual for baptism provides several optional formularies, local rituals may add other formularies of the same kind.

33. The celebration of baptism is greatly enhanced by the use of song, which stimulates in the participants a sense of their unity, fosters their praying together, and expresses the joy of Easter that should premeate the whole rite. The conference of bishops should therefore encourage and help specialists in music to compose settings for those liturgical texts particularly suited to congregational singing. 

I like the threefold emphasis in #33: unity, prayer, Easter joy. Note the emphasis on congregational singing: also great. Rome seems to realize that the Church’s treasury of sacred music is not quite up to the new demands of the initiation rites. Certainly, there are some few pieces that could be adapted, but this ground will be largely untested, and is still in need of more quality compositions that will aim parish communities toward the emphasis of unity, prayer, and joy.


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