Pope Benedict on Liturgy

One curious thing about the pope’s Q&A with Roman priests is the length of the questions. Or should it be the length of the preaching before the question is popped:

Hence, this is my question: Given our specificity, and without lessening our human, philosophical and psychological formation, should not the universities and seminaries offer greater liturgical formation, or does the practice and structure of the studies at present already satisfy sufficiently the Constitution “Sacrosanctum Concilium” 16, which states that the liturgy must be considered among the necessary and most important and principal subjects, and should be taught under the theological, historical, spiritual, pastoral and legal aspects, and that professors of other subjects must make the connection with the liturgy clear?

The pope found the question:

If I have understood correctly, the question is, what is the space and place of liturgical education and of the reality of the celebration of the mystery in the whole of our pastoral work, which is multiple and of so many dimensions.

The link is worth checking and the pope’s answer touches on a few germane points:

1. Liturgy must connect to life. 2. Knowing God intimately. 3. The Eucharist deepens connections between believers. 4. The Eucharist is not only rite but a transformative “existential process.”

Anything I missed?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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One Response to Pope Benedict on Liturgy

  1. Dear Todd:

    Thank you for the great kindness in putting this weblink up. It does certainly give food for thought.

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