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More On African Implementation

Gunther Simmermacher has a thoughtful piece up on The Southern Cross web site. The conclusion avoids ideological extremes, but will still be unwelcome to those who prefer to view the Church through rose-colored glasses: The experiences of Southern Africa therefore … Continue reading

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Dancing With My Daughter

I’m still getting the hang of Facebook. Lots of photos in that medium, but I still relish the blog format more. I will share an image my wife clicked of the other two family members during the recent wedding reception … Continue reading

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Post-Trent: How Much Calcification?

Sherry’s response on the recent thread about Vatican II tells you all you need to know about the institutional poverty of the four centuries prior to Vatican II. Her list of top saints I would also acclaim. But three bishops … Continue reading

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Approaching 5K

Not from a sense of self-congratulation, but I do want to mention this blog is fast approaching the 5,000-post mark. It will happen sometime Monday or Tuesday next week. With tens of millions of inactive blogs still littering the silicon … Continue reading

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Snake Oil and Other Sales Pitches

I saw the whole clip of Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer online yesterday. (I write this post as a television anti-apologist–shh! Don’t tell my wife.) For a comedy channel, it seemed to be more serious than most of what I’ve … Continue reading

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The Place and View of Vatican II

I held off from mentioning my own reaction to one key passage in the pope’s letter of this past week. Here are the Holy Father’s words: The Church’s teaching authority cannot be frozen in the year 1962 — this must … Continue reading

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RCIA 5: Initiation As Spiritual Journey

A short section but another that gives insight as to a properly oriented catechumenate and evangelization ministry: 5. The rite of initiation is suited to a spiritual journey of adults that varies according to: – the many forms of God’s … Continue reading

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