The End of Spring Break

While our intrepid students are close to completing their Spring Break service trips, here on the home front, we’ve had a flurry of activity ourselves. Thursday I took a day off and we piled in the car to visit Brit’s godparents in Eagle Grove. Here’s the happy goddaughter posing with the organized set of dominos.


Just to report it hasn’t been all play and no work, yesterday we finally tackled her basement niche, which until now, has been piled high with boxes of books, dolls, memorabilia, stuffed animals, and the like. I reorganized some of my books and files, and we uncovered a “lost” box of games and puzzles.

Only two more of her boxes remain unpacked, including one of “dress up” stuff she inherited from her mom and various friends. The Ames bedroom, smaller than the Kansas City bedroom, doesn’t hold what it used to last year. Having a basement niche is a good thing for a girl:


The fish got a new filter pump, that white bump on the left down there, and it’s working marvelously. A two-year-old generation had a recent die-off, and we’re at two catfish and four hardy males. They’re going to be batching it for a little longer until I figure out a few other details in the tank that have been giving us some trouble lately.


This morning I baked some bacon to add to yesterday’s cream of potato soup. Then some sausages took their place in the oven for breakfast. Brit had soup–it was the only way she would get any bacon. I had eggs. The other family member slept in. I’m off to church in another hour to get ready for the weekend and beyond. I hope your Lenten week, break or not, went well. The only thing I wish I’d had more time to accomplish was cleaning up the spare bedroom, which has accumulated off-season clothing, suitcases, and Christmas decoration boxes. There’s still tomorrow, I guess.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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