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Chaput Plays The Game

Archbishop Chaput, no doubt, makes for an impressive figure. Like a few other bishops, he does a good bit of travelling, giving conferences at invitation, writing books, and putting himself, his name, and his ideas out there. It reminds me … Continue reading

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My wife has Star Trek: Next Generation on in the background, one of the better season 2 episodes, “Elementary, Dear Data.” Episode and series contradict the premise of my post. There seems to be much congratulation about the fine end … Continue reading

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Carnival of Space #95

I like the image headlining this week’s carnival at OrbitalHub. I’d like to paint like that. I used to dabble a bit in watercolor painting, but you need oils to catch most of the boldness of space scenery. In real … Continue reading

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Keeping Silence

I attended a parish retreat about twenty-six years ago. I was just beginning grad school and one of my profs, who happened to be a recent addition to the staff at my parish, conducted the weekend. People generally liked it–the … Continue reading

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